It is the desire of the TJSSA Junior Board of Directors to develop long-term goals for the organization, including a program of activities, which will be a detailed plan of objectives and activities developed to ensure that the Texas Junior Simmental Simbrah Association meets the mission and goals of the organization and its members in the years to come. The plan will create a framework for the members to follow so everyone will know who, what, when, where, and how the activities of the organization will be carded out. The plan is to include:

  • Goals for the organization
  • A calendar of events and activities
  • Guidelines for the junior board of directors
  • A list of standing committees and their responsibilities
  • A budget and plan for fundraisers
  • Ideas for identifying and recruiting partners and sponsors as needed
  • Ideas for marketing the program and organization
  • Ideas for continuing and improving our relationship with the TSSA

The TJSSA Junior Board of Directors will develop, implement, and work with the program, evaluating and adjusting as needed, and recognizing the success of the organization and its members.

2018 - 2019 Directors


  • President - Amelia Stavinoha, Eagle Lake (E- 2019)
  • Vice President - Megan Rogers, Lockhart (S-2019)
  • Secretary – Annah Morris, Bronsons (AL-2020)
  • Treasurer – Cole Mau, Columbus (AL-2019)
  • Historian - Elise Hesseltine, Orange Grove (AL-2019)
  • Reporter - Claire Godwin, Round Rock (W-2020)
  • Parliamentarian - Payton Meuth, Floresville (S-2020)


  • Zach Mills, Dekalb (AL-2019)
  • Tyler Denny, Edinburg (S-2019)
  • Jacob Friedrich, Zabickville (W-2019)
  • Lorelai Hill, Edinburg (S-2020)
  • Robert Stavinoha (E-2020)
  • Calley McGinley, Burton (E-2019)
  • Chloe Novak, Angleton (AL-2020)
  • Katy Berry, Canton (E-2020)
  • Mia Barba, Rosharon (AL-2020)


Megan Rogers, Lockhart


Lorelai Hill, Edinburg


Betty Freasier
freasierranch@aol.com, 210-313-0926

Jennifer Kincaid 
jennifer@fandwelectrical.com, 210-269-7136

Scott Willey
sawilley@ag.tamu.edu, 979-966-8728

Bill & Stacy Meuth
stacy@brm-construction.com, 210-381-7540

Leroy & Tina Stavinoha
lstavinoha@riceisd.org, 979-758-4671
stavinohatina@gmail.com, 979-758-2308

David & Nancy Rogers
Nancy-rogers@hotmail.com, 210-414-9802

David Berry
Dberry@wrightasphalt.com, 713-203-1154

Terry & Mindy Whittaker
Mindywhitaker715@yahoo.com, 254-433-0482

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